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 YSS is in the business of changing lives, giving hope and improving odds by ensuring that youth have access to safety, guidance and caring adults. Each year, more than 8,000 youth are impacted through the opportunities YSS offers. More importantly, YSS is helping to instill values in these young people that they will carry with them for their entire lives; values like self-reliance, forgiveness and respect for others and themselves.


Dr. George's Founder Legacy Fund

George has dedicated his life to serving the youth and families of Iowa by building YSS into a comprehensive child welfare agency.  To recognize his accomplishments, as well as the conclusion of this part of his career, the YSS Corporate and Foundation Boards of Trustees have jointly created the Dr. George’s Founder Legacy Fund, with a goal of $500,000 to be used for innovative programs, collaborative efforts and mergers, to provide a contingency fund, and improve YSS technology and infrastructure.

If you have already contributed, we send a big Thank You.  If you are still considering a gift, we hope that you will honor Dr. George and YSS in its mission of “helping the next generation soar to a brighter future.” 

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We serve an adolescent population statewide in need of addiction treatment.

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