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Overflow Thrift Store Partnership

YSS Partners With Overflow Thrift Store (Ames)


YSS is pleased to partner with Overflow Thrift Store to collect and distribute unsolicited in-kind donations to support the children, youth and families we serve.

Beginning Monday, May 1, 2017, all unsolicited in-kind donations for our Story County locations will be directed to Overflow Thrift Store, located at 202 South Duff Avenue in Ames.

Your gently used clothing, housewares, furnishings and more will continue to benefit YSS clients. Overflow Thrift Store shopping vouchers will be provided by YSS staff to those clients who have emergency needs and/or receive support to help them as they work to achieve their goals and self-sufficiency.

This exciting collaboration supports the missions of both YSS and Overflow Thrift Store, and offers and enhanced experience for our clients through an expanded selection of available items. It also allows our valued donors to further extend support within the community.

And as YSS continues to grow, expanding our programs and services, this special partnership makes available much-needed office space within our existing facilities for our staff, while continuing to serve the needs of our clients in a better way.

Please Note: YSS will continue to host our annual in-kind donation drives, such as the YSS Family Holiday Giving program. This change only applies to general, unsolicited  in-kind donations that are provided by the community throughout the year.

For more information, please refer to our summary of common questions and answers.



What is Overflow Thrift Store?

Overflow Thrift Store is a non-profit organization, offering a place to give, shop and serve. Donations benefit not only clients of YSS, but profits from the sale of items to others in the community are given to those in need, near and far. To learn more about Overflow Thrift Store, please visit


Why is YSS making this change?

Due to the extreme generosity of our donors, YSS has outgrown our current space, including that used for our donation center. Through partnering with Overflow Thrift Store, YSS is able to better serve our clients by providing them convenient access to a larger selection of items from which to choose. This change allows YSS to continue the expansion of our services by transforming our space, allowing for more client and staff areas.


How will my donations continue to benefit YSS and the youth it serves?

When a need arises for a YSS client, he/she will be given a shopping voucher by a YSS staff member, detailing the items needed. The client can then go to Overflow Thrift Store and shop in the same way they would at the YSS donation center, at no cost to them. However, clients will benefit from a wider variety of items, with a broader selection.


What about YSS’s annual giving campaigns, like the Family Holiday Giving program?

Our partnership with Overflow Thrift Store is specifically designed to help manage unsolicited in-kind donations, or those which YSS has not requested as part of a program, campaign or urgent need. YSS will continue to host our annual giving campaigns that provide items needed for our various programs, such as the YSS Family Holiday Giving program.


Are there any specific items YSS needs for its clients that Overflow Thrift Store doesn’t provide? How can I donate those items?

We often have the need for certain items to support our programs that Overflow Thrift Store does not take or offer. For example, personal hygiene items, diapers and baby wipes are always in need. We will continue to post lists of our most needed items (outside of what is available through our relationship with Overflow Thrift Store) – along with delivery directions – on our website.


Where do I take my in-kind donations at Overflow Thrift Store?

Overflow Thrift Store is located at 202 South Duff Avenue in Ames. Your donations can be dropped off on the north side of the building (look for signage, including the YSS logo).

Donations to Overflow Thrift Store can be dropped off:

            + Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 10AM – 6PM

            + Saturday, 10 AM – 4 PM

The store is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays to allow staff time to process donations.

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