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Risky Business

The 30th annual Risky Business Conference was April 28, 2015, on the beautiful Iowa State University Campus in Ames.

The next conference will be April 26, 2016!


Registration Fee Schedule (includes lunch):

Adult -- $95

High School Youth -- $45

Day of/On-Site Registration Fees:

Adult -- $135

High School Youth -- $60

This conference brings high school teens, youth serving professionals and concerned community members together to develop skills and increase knowledge of community youth development while addressing critical issues that confront young people and families.

Since 1985, conference participants have left this conference ready to implement strategies that benefit young people in their schools, workplaces, and communities.

The 2015 conference is the 30th annual conference of professionals, parents, and youth presented by the Youth and Family Development Branch of Youth & Shelter Services, Inc.

To register for this years' Risky Business Conference, please click HERE.

Conference Goals

  • Promote Community Youth Development
  • Inform communities on the value of increasing developmental assets of youth.
  • Increase awareness of major problems facing America's families & youth.
  • Examine new ways to intervene earlier in the lives of at-risk families & youth, thereby solving problems when they are manageable.
  • Help families and children in need discover the path to self-sufficiency.
  • Promote youth and adult partnerships 

Youth & Shelter Services Promotes a Community Youth Development Approach

A major goal of the YSS Strategic Plan is to encourage communities to support young people through a Community Youth Development approach. The Youth Development perspective suggests that helping young people achieve their full potential is the best way to prevent them from becoming involved in risky behavior.

Youth Development strategies focus on giving young people the chance to build skills, exercise leadership, form relationships with caring adults, and provide services to others. Further, the Youth Development approach acknowledges that youth are resources in building communities and have much to contribute.

A Community Youth Development approach has three key components:

  • Viewing young people and families as partners rather than as clients, and involving them in designing and delivering programs and services.
  • Giving all youth access to both prevention and intervention services and programs that meet their development needs.
  • Offering youth opportunities to develop relationships and partnerships with caring, supportive adults.

By working from a Youth Development perspective, communities can support young people and enable them to contribute to the greater good.

Our Motto:

Helping the next generation soar to a brighter future

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