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Youth & Shelter Services of Eastern Story County

Youth & Shelter Services of Eastern Story County partners with communities to provide comprehensive prevention services that advocates for children, youth and families while promoting healthy behaviors and choices. The office, located in Nevada, provides close-to-home prevention, youth development, intervention, and counseling services close to residents of Collins, Colo, Maxwell, McCallsburg, Nevada, and Zearing. The YSS Eastern Story County Community Advisory Board members meet monthly to provide local volunteer citizen support.

Our effective programs and successful outcomes are the result of a combination of dedicated employees and volunteers along with strong community support. A wide range of city professionals and concerned citizens work together with us to serve the children, youth and families in our communities. 

School staff and community groups collaborate with various informational and educational presenters that support specific prevention strategies and programs. Virtually everyone in our communities are in the position to help our young people lead healthy and productive lives.

Comprehensive Prevention Strategies

Youth & Shelter Services, Inc., provides prevention and early intervention programs throughout Eastern Story County.  Comprehensive strategies include: classroom programs, informational media campaigns, prevention education, collaborative community based processes and specific services for young people and their families that could benefit from early substance abuse intervention. The YSS Prevention staff is committed to implementing science and evidence-based prevention programs that have met rigorous standards proving their effectiveness. School, family and community-based initiatives bridge transitions between chronological and developmental stages and promote positive behavior. Comprehensive prevention strategies delay the onset of substance abuse and strengthen families and communities.

Additional information on our Comprehensive Prevention Programs is available here:

Classroom Programs

Jane Larkin, Community Prevention Coordinator

Youth Development & Employment

Youth Development is a process which prepares young people to meet the challenge of adolescence and become socially, morally, emotionally, physically, and cognitively competent.  Positive youth development addresses the broader developmental needs of young people through coordinated activities and experiences that allow youth to have a say in decisions that impact their life. Effective you development activities are youth, knowledge, and care-centered.

Youth Employment

Jennifer Schmit, Prevention Specialist

Youth Leadership Opportunities


The YSS GRIP (Great Relationships with Pairs) Mentoring program has been pairing Eastern Story County children in the Nevada Schools with mentors since 1999. The mentoring relationship is a mutual commitment to a long-term friendship that develops through weekly meetings at school. More information on GRIP Mentoring programs available here:

GRIP Mentoring

GRIP Mentoring Facilitator

Collins-Maxwell Impact

Impact is a FREE afterschool program for students in 6th-8th grade at Collins-Maxwell Middle School. Impact provides a safe and exciting atmosphere where youth can build positive relationships with caring adults and their peers.  The program offers many opportunities for Middle School students to explore their interests, expand their abilities, and get active in their community.  Impact is held in Maxwell, Monday-Thursday afternoons until 5:00 p.m.

Impact participants build leadership skills while giving back to their community though service learning opportunities. Impact members also spend time building life skills. Impact provides a healthy snack, homework help and offers a chance for young people to play group games, complete craft activities, conduct science experiments, learn from guest speakers, and take field trips.

Staff Contact:
Kalli-Ann Bowers, Collins-Maxwell Impact Site Supervisor

Treatment Services

Youth & Shelter Services, Inc., provides treatment services throughout Eastern Story County. Young people have access to integrated substance abuse and mental health resources that are welcoming and responsive to their needs.  Our vision is to help children, youth, and families to uphold dignity, build assets, and achieve independence.

When a family recognizes that they could benefit from our services, we bring members together.  With respect, we work with an understanding that each family member brings gifts and strengths to the table and can contribute in significant ways to address family conflict.  Services include:
• Individual, family and group counseling;
• Functional family therapy;
• Skill building and remedial services;
• Outpatient substance abuse counseling and aftercare;
• Co-occurring treatment services for those who struggle with both mental health and substance abuse issues;
• Psychiatric evaluation and medication management;
• Court ordered substance abuse evaluations; and
• Other services, such as: Parenting and Recovery groups, Conflict Resolution, Family Mediation, Depression and Suicide Intervention, and care coordination

The Family Counseling team creates a welcoming environment built on trust and confidentiality. Our team includes Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Independent Social Workers and highly qualified and trained Master's and Bachelor's level counselors from many disciplines. Treatment Services are tailored to meet each family's unique needs and ability to pay.

Referrals may be made by any concerned person, including youth, parents and other family members, school personnel, medical professionals, law enforcement, attorneys, clergy, Juvenile Court and Department of Human Services staff.

Staff Contact:

Andi Olson, Family Counseling Center Coordinator

To download a YSS of Eastern Story County brochure outlining the programs and services that make a difference to children, youth and families, click here.

Contact Information

Center Coordinator:  Laura Bell
830 Sixth Street  --  Nevada, IA 50201
Phone:  515-382-6874
Fax: 515-382-2256

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