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Integrated Health Services

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Integrated Health Services


What is Integrated Health Services?

Integrated health Services (IHS) is a free program available to support existing services for Medicaid-eligible children and youth with a mental health diagnoses. Your IHS team, consisting of a Care Coordinator, Family Support Specialist, and a Nurse Care Manager, will work with you and your current providers.

IHS is designed to improve:

  • Access to behavioral health and medical care

  • Your overall health care experience

  • Medical and behavioral health outcomes

Who is on my IHS Team?

  • Care Coordinator- a human service worker who will be a point person to coordinate services

  • Family Support Specialist- and individual with experience parenting a child with mental and behavioral health concerns

  • Nurse Care Manager- a liaison for medical contacts and to enhance communication

Will I have to change doctors or other services?

No. IHS is available in addition to your exisiting medical services. Your IHS team will work with the providers you currently have. Our goal is to facilitate and coordinate your service in order to improve your physical and mental health.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in exploring this program, you may contact our IHS Coordinator to complete the intake process. Based on this information, the IHS coordinator will determine if your child is eligible for this new and helpful program. Call or email the IHS Coordinator at 515-233-2250 or or use the form below.

NOTE: If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 911 for help.

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