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Your child’s future begins now . . .

You are taking actions right now that will affect your child for as long as he or she lives. It’s never too early to start making sure your child will have a happy, healthy life.

The Healthy Futures program is a voluntary home visitation program offered to every Story County woman who is pregnant.  Families become eligible to participate by responding to a questionnaire that will be offered at a prenatal doctor appointment or by contacting our office. 


Insert picture hereHealthy Futures offers:

In-home visits by a Certified Family Development provide support, information on parenting, child development, and links to community resources.  Services are voluntary and available until your child is five years old. 

Additional Services Include:

Use of Evidence-Based Parenting Curriculum

Maternal Depression Screening

Child Development Screening

Home Safety Review

Organizations working together to make Healthy Futures available to you and your family include:

 Boone and Story County Early Childhood Iowa Area 

 McFarland Clinic OB/GYN

 Doran Clinic for Women

 Youth & Shelter Services, Inc. (YSS)

The Healthy Futures program earned the Iowa Family Support Credential in 2009 as acknowledgement of adherence to high-quality, research-based programming. 

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