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Willa's Story

YSS counselors help youth and their families deal with problems related to school, family communication, running away, domestic abuse, involvement with the law, peer conflict, physical and sexual abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, depression and other emotional or behavioral health concerns.

We involve all concerned persons in the counseling process. The FCC encourages the family to work together, as a team, and to resolve problems. Often, extended family or a close family friend is also included. There will be a family team meeting room in the YSS Family Life Center to enhance extended family involvement.

Our YSS counselors focus on ensuring safety for children, strengthening the parental role in the home, and improving positive relationships with children. We also offer to see parents individually or as a couple if they have parenting or marital concerns.

The Family Life Center has a Parent Resource Library and Donation Center. Many YSS families are low income or struggling due to the economic recession. The Center provides donated and used items of value to these families. Last Christmas, YSS donors adopted over 300 families and provided holiday cheer and needed household items to children and parents. I am often amazed at how much stress is relieved for families who benefit from these donated gifts.

With permission of the family, We’d like to share just one of these outstanding thank you letters that arrived after the holidays.



George Belitsos, left, greets Willa Klampe and her son, Shakiel.


Our team of family counseling professionals appreciates the high praise of Willa. And we thank our donors for creating the the Richard O. Jacobson Family Life Center. YSS counselors such as Jerry Harlow will soon have their own individual offices and other resources that will enhance and improve the already high quality of care they give to families.



Dear Mr. Belitsos,

Once again, Youth & Shelter Services has exceeded any expectations of excellence conveyed to families through kind gestures; expressions of well wishes and gift giving. The selfless generosity of YSS and other contributors is deeply appreciated by all of the recipients.

I do not know about other families who received gifts; there would have been no gifts for my family to open on Christmas morning if YSS had not provided them.

The coordinated thoughtful efforts of YSS employees and other generous contributions from the community were not taken lightly by my family. There was and still remains an overwhelming feeling of hope and worth that we experienced based on the planning and execution which brought joy to my family and so many others.

Simply saying ‘Thank you’ does not articulate strongly enough the magnitude of appreciation that my family and I feel.

The greatest gift of all is that my family and I continue to receive in-home YSS counseling services. Mr. Jerry Harlow and YSS provide their ‘precious gifts’ all year around. Thank you.

Mr. Harlow has consistently and professionally provided outstanding counseling services to our family. We are functioning better as a unit. The patience he has is remarkable. He and YSS, collectively, have been and continue to be wonderful blessings to our lives. There is no better feeling than to know and believe somebody cares.

I would also like to thank all of the YSS counselors, office supervisors, assistants, maintenance personnel, and all who are directly affiliated with the YSS mission.

Angels do come to us in the form of strangers.

Sincerely, Willa & Family

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