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ISU Basketball's Solomon Young Visits YSS Mentoring


Freshman standout from ISU Men's Basketball plays pick-up game with Ames fourth graders. 

A slam dunk day: ISU's Solomon Young visits YSS Mentoring 


It was a day to remember for several Ames Meeker Elementary students, when Iowa State Men’s Basketball freshman standout Solomon Young dropped by to play a pick-up game in the school gym. Young and the kids in the YSS school-based mentoring program were all smiles, and enjoyed sharing time over the lunch hour.

Young made an impression from the minute he entered the building, with the children in awe of Young’s towering 6’8” frame.

The YSS school-based mentoring program works with local elementary and middle schools to match youth with volunteer mentors who provide weekly, ongoing support and encouragement to the students. For more information about this program, visit our Mentoring program page



Find out more about the exciting visit in the May 4, 2017, Ames Tribune article, "Ames 4th graders play pick-up game with Cyclones hoop star"




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