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Youth & Shelter Services, Inc.

About Us

 YSS Mission:

YSS exists to provide prevention, education, treatment, and residential services to children, youth, and families; to advocate on their behalf, and to help them solve problems, grow, and be self-sufficient, responsible, contributing members of society.  We strive to help children, youth, and families uphold dignity, build assets, and achieve independence. 

YSS will build its future upon eight core competencies: Result-based outcome-driven services; Cultural competency; Family development; Community youth development; Promotion of self-responsibility and self-reliance; Community-based services; Volunteer services; and Building coalitions and collaborations.


Agency Goals:

Promote community youth development

Promote healthy lifestyle changes and improve public health

Promote and create youth/adult partnerships to improve the community

Promote healthy family relationships

Promote family life enrichment, parenting skill development, and self-sufficiency

Promote collaboration and coalition building among local agencies

Increase community awareness of youth issues and the need to increase youth assets

Advocate for community-based services and divert young people from the juvenile courts

Prevent early onset of substance use

Prevent the onset of tobacco use, eliminate exposure to second-hand smoke, and promote tobacco control

Prevent substance abuse, bullying, violence, child abuse, and delinquency

Prevent and resolve conflicts between parents and youth

Treat chemical dependency and dual diagnosis

Treat emotional and behavioral disorders in children and youth

Reduce the number of runaway and homeless youth and families

Reduce the number of teens in locked settings and in institutions

Reduce the number of teenage pregnancies


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